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Nouveau Sounds are a team of dedicated music professionals who want to help artists in their next stage of development. Essentially we are a Record Label, PR and management company rolled into one with a unique twist.

We are offering a service like no other on the market. Our expertise lie in Songwriting, Production and Marketing and we have combined this knowledge to create a 16 week campaign to get you and your new single noticed. The amount of return for your investment is second to none, and not only will you be getting your very own single written for you, you'll benefit from our marketing services, a music video and gig opportunities. 

We are very selective about who we work with. We want to be able to provide the best possible service with the highest rate of success. To do this, we need to make sure you are suitable.  As we only work with 2 or 3 artists at a time, we can guarantee that you will get a dedicated and personalised level of service.





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"Our aim is to get you into the top 40 uk charts in 1 year"

Do you want to launch your music career?


how it works 

All of our campaigns are run across a 16 week period. Below is a detailed outline of exactly what you will receive and the estimated timeframe of the campaign.

What you get

  • A new single written and produced FOR you by our dedicated team of songwriters and producers  

  • A quality music video for the release of the single                                                                                        

  • A personalised pre release campaign                                                                                                              

  • 12 weeks of social media marketing and promotion                                                                                     

  • Spotify playlist pitching and plugging                                                                                                             

  • We will arrange a showcase gig for you where select industry members will be personally invited     

  • No ties, just a 1 single deal with an opportunity for further collaboration                                               

  • A run of 250 7" Vinyl for you to distribute at no extra charge                                                                

WEEK 1-4

initial preperation

First we start with the initial consultation to establish your goals and what you want to achieve throughout the campaign and beyond. It's also at this point that we will start fine tuning your new single that will be written for you

WEEK 5-7


During this period we will start all the hard work to make sure we get the most out of your release! This means contacting blogs and music sites, running social media campaigns to raise awareness of the release and running a 'Pre Save' Spotify campaign. Also we will shoot your music video!

WEEK 8-16


Now that your single has been released, it's time for people to hear it. This is were we really ramp up the marketing efforts, focusing on Facebook, Instagram and most importantly Spotify. Over these 8 weeks we will skyrocket your social engagement along with organic followers. We will also pitch to Spotify playlist curators as well as driving traffic directly to Spotify to give you the best chance to get picked up by Spotify's algorithm based playlist such as Release Radar and Discover weekly, as well as editorial playlists. In order to give an extra push, this is where we will provide with your run of 500 7" vinyl to distribute. 



Why should I choose Nouveau Sounds over other more established companies offering similar services?

As we are new, it is easy for prospective clients and the competition to jump on this "unproven" bandwagon. However, we have spent the last 3 years researching the market and condensed everything down to create what is basically a "super-lean" package. It is aimed squarely at getting the artist to where they need to be and we believe it is unique and offers FAR more "bang-for-buck" than anything in this price bracket and beyond. We have actually USED the services of some of the competition, so we know exactly what you get for the money...





Nouveau Sounds offers a totally bespoke service to carefully selected clients. This service goes WAY beyond anything you'll find from other companies charging up to £10,000!

Firstly, we will not just work with anyone: we aim to ensure that any campaign we undertake has the maximum chance of being successful, and this is dependent on several important factors.

We will select the right artist to release the right song, and promote it to the right people.

We WILL NOT simply take on an artist with an "OK" song who wants to "make it", take their money, and send out a few emails to a mailing list! (Yes, this does go on in the industry!)

We will be involved in the whole package: the song, the artist image, the video, the release, and some very canny promotion techniques. We will build your social media, YouTube, and Spotify profiles along the way. Basically, there is no waste: the cut Nouveau Sounds take for this service is very reasonable, and the majority of the cost is spent on ACTUALLY promoting the song!

A typical campaign will run for 16 weeks (longer than most) and during this time, you'll be kept up to date as things progress. You'll be able to talk DIRECTLY to a human being with any questions or doubts: we will only be working a maximum of 2-3 campaigns at any one time to ensure that each of our artists is taken care of. Initially, of course, you'll get 100% of our attention…!

Remember: we are in this for the artist. YOUR success is OUR success, so it is in our interest to do our best for you!



Our "standard" package is £5000 GBP. This includes a song written for you, a pre-release campaign, a music video, social media marketing, Spotify promotion, a run of 250 7” vinyl, and a few bespoke extras! (After all, we are offering a unique package!)

If your budget is higher than this, then obviously we can tailor a superior package to suit.

If you're thinking that £5k is a lot, then contact all the main PR companies offering music promotion and find out how much they charge. Then dig deep and try and find out exactly what you will get for your money. It is very easy to sign up to a campaign in the hope of getting what you want, only to find out 3 months later that you've achieved virtually nothing!

We really do not want you to make these mistakes. We have done this ourselves, so we know the deal.

Let us put your talent and our expertise together, so we can create something great.

So, what services DO you offer?

That's great! But how much does this all cost?

For a full list of our Terms and Conditions click here


No getting passed off to the secretary, when working with us you deal only with the directors. Whatever the problem, whatever the question, we are here for you.  

no nonsense

We want our working partnership with you to be a success. So we won't waste your time with advice and support that won't benefit you and your music career. Everything we do is personalised to maximise your chances of success. 


What you receive from us is unprecedented value for money and will not be found anywhere else on the market. You won't just see a solid return on investment during the 16 week campaign, we will set you up for continued success for years to come. 

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